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What If You Could Get a FREE Vacation AND File Your Taxes With Confidence?

Everyone who files with Phoenix Rising Financial receives a FREE complimentary vacation in either Las Vegas, Miami FL, Orlando FL, or Cancun MX are just some of the options to choose from!

We file taxes for:

1. Students

2. Small Business

3. Self - Employed

4. W-2 Employees

5. Do you owe the IRS? We can help you too!


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Tax Preparation

We offer streamlined tax preparation services that can help make the process less daunting. Our experienced tax professionals are here to guide you through every step.

Our tax preparers complete the heavy-lifting administrative work for the IRS while you sit back and enjoy running your business. We file your taxes to ensure you receive every penny back you deserve. Even if you owe money or haven’t filed taxes in years, we only get paid when you do!

Tax and Business Consulting

At Phoenix Rising Financial, we understand that filing can be a complicated process. Informed decisions are a must when it comes to tax-related issues. Our professional tax consultants put their years of experience to work to ensure tax regulations aren't your concern.

With the constant changes in adjustments, deductions, and credits, we make sure you get to keep more money and stress less! Let's schedule your personalized session today.

Confident Business People


We provide comprehensive bookkeeping services to help business owners keep track of their finances and increase the efficiency of their operations. Our experienced team prepares source documents for every transaction or event associated with your business.

Need funding before the year is up?

Let us keep your books in order so you can apply and get approved for business funding in a cinch! Since you're wondering, the button below will take you to our calendar. Schedule an appointment right now!

Tax Resolution

Stop letting tax problems run your personal and professional life!

At Phoenix Rising Financial, we specialize in helping you settle your tax debt efficiently and quickly. Our dedicated team of tax resolution experts understands the latest IRS requirements. By staying up to date, we can successfully support you in even the most unique situations.

There are multiple reasons why the IRS might have issues with your tax returns. Let us catch them before they become your problem (or even after!)

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Business Formation

There's no time like the present to build a booming business!

From filing documents to getting your tax identification number, our team at Phoenix Rising Financial is armed and ready to help you form your new business with confidence. Focus on building your dream while we take care of the rest!

Ready to take the plunge?

Our business formation services are just a click away! Book an appointment now and let's get started. We look forward to working with you!

Mobile Tax & Notary Services


Have you heard of our mobile notary services?

We come to you!

Phoenix Rising Financial's mobile notary services are designed to give you the convenience of having a professional come to your home or business. Our experienced team is capable of handling all types of notarization and authentication needs. We take pride in our ability to provide efficient and secure document processing services.

Why leave your home or office when Phoenix will meet you where you're at? Book your appointment today!

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Business Discussion

Audit Support

Phoenix Rising Financial is a full-service accounting and tax preparation firm. We offer audit support services to help our clients in the event of an IRS or state audit.

Our experienced staff gathers information and develops a strategy for responding to the auditor's inquiries. With us, you can be sure that your interests are protected throughout the process.

We don't just assist during an audit – we also provide proactive advice on minimizing future risks and ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations. Let us help you get your finances in order and maximize your tax return!

Our knowledgeable team members are ready to assist you!

Personal & Business Credit


Are you looking to repair your business or personal credit? 

At Phoenix Rising Financial, we specialize in helping individuals and businesses establish, monitor, and improve their credit scores. With our deep understanding of personal and business credit complexities, we provide comprehensive services.

Need a personalized strategy for building your credit score? We can do that!

Need access to financial resources that will help you meet your goals. We can do that too!

With the right cash flow optimization, tax regulations concerns will be an issue of the past. Let us protect your assets by scheduling a free consultation with our reliable team today!

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